Lodge Members have official meetings every 2nd and 4th Tuesdays.

6700 Vernon Woods Place, Sandy Spring, Georgia 30328


Jan 3: Lodge Practice
Jan 5: Masters & Wardens Dinner @ AMC
Jan 10: Lodge Meeting
Jan 14: MELD Course for new secretaries
Jan 17: Lodge Practice
Jan 24: Dinner and Lodge Meeting
Jan 28: Lodge rented out for private event.
Jan 31:5th Tuesday. Lodge Social (“Evidence that Freemasonry existed in Germany earlier than 1717” and then Dinner at Meehan’s Public House.)

Feb 7: Lodge Practice
Feb 14: Lodge Meeting
Feb 21: Lodge Practice
Feb 28: Lodge Meeting. 4th Tuesday Dinner. Fellow Craft Degree.

Mar 28: Lodge Meeting.
Mar 28: Lodge Meeting. 4th Tuesday Dinner.

Apr 11: Lodge Meeting.
Apr 25: Lodge Meeting. 4th Tuesday Dinner. Entered Apprentice Degree

May 9: Lodge Meeting.
May 23: Lodge Meeting.
May 30: No meeting. 5th Tuesday.