Dinner and Master Mason Degree – Tuesday, August 22nd


Dinner will be served starting at 6:30 pm

Lodge will be open at 7:30 pm and we will be conferring the Master Mason Degree to Fellowcraft Brothers Robert Broglia and Kiran Divakiran.

Dinner will include Competition Style Beef Brisket prepared by Entered Apprentice Matt Watters.


Main Dish: Competition Style Beef Brisket

Sides: Sweet Potato and Parsnip Home Fries, Mac & Cheese and Salad

Desert: Apple Pie and Ice Cream

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Please RSVP so we have a correct headcount to maximize profits. All dinners are fund raisers for the lodge proper.

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It is the intention of Sandy Springs Lodge #124 to hold a Fundraising Event on the evening of Thursday August 10th 2017 at the Lodge.

The event will take the form of a presentation to be made by Mark Rutherford, a good friend of WB Mark Hayler.

Mark Rutherford was a Pilot in the British Army’s Army Air Corps. flying the Apache Helicopter. He is the author of two books, Apache and Hellfire, about his experiences during his service. He writes under the name is Ed Macy.

One of Mark’s missions received much publicity whilst he was serving in Afghanistan in 2007. 

Mark will give a presentation about the mission which will include Predator footage of the event as it unfolded.

Briefly, the circumstances of his mission came about following an unsuccessful attack by a small force of Royal Marine Commandos on a Taliban stronghold known as Fort Jugroom, Upon retreating the Commandos realized that they were missing a man, Lance Corporal Mathew Ford.

Apaches overhead picked up a heat signature that they believed was Mathew Ford lying motionless close to the fort. To Mark, it was not an option to leave him there, particularly as, at that time, they believed him to be alive and wounded.

After some heated discussion with senior officers Mark, together with the crew of a second Apache were tasked to go in to rescue the Royal Marine.

Apache’s do not have a passenger carrying ability. To facilitate the rescue three Royal Marines and a Royal Engineer used harnesses to attach themselves to the stub wings of the two Apaches. They then flew in under heavy fire,to rescue Mathew Ford.

Mark will keep you on the edge of your seats with the details of the recovery of Mathew Ford’s body.

The presentation will be of about 90 minutes duration and Hor D’ourves will be served. A charge of $10 will be made, all profits going into the Lodge General Fund. 

If time allows, many brethren will retire to Meehan’s Public House for conversation and libations after the Lodge is closed. – 227 Sandy Springs Pl, Sandy Springs GA